NOE Laboratory (new economic orientation)

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NOE is the permanent laboratory devised by AIDDA to study and implement sustainable development projects that use a female perspective to stimulate transformational processes attentive to the welfare of individuals, the pooling of resources, respect for nature, the responsibility towards future generations , in addition to the achievement of profit The need for renewal is essential to remove the imbalance of the existing system and deriving both the prevalence of a male culture than women, and by the prevalence of a mechanistic view of life that does not allow the knowledge that everything is connected and interdependent.



 NOE lab activities are:

  • Activate study and research initiatives;
  • Promote specific projects;
  • Sustain initiatives that can spread the principles of NOE Lab
  • To give a certificate of compliance to those enterprises and institutions that apply the principles of NOE lab

Scientific Committee

 The NOE activities are elaborated and proposed by the Scientific Committee which consists of:

  •  Franca Audisio – AIDDA National President
  • Carlo Belli – Professor at the University of Perugia
  • Annarosa Buttarelli - Professor of philosophical hermeneutics at the University of Verona
  • Lucia Cagnazzo – Chief General Manager WIDIBA bank
  • Maria Luisa Cosso – entrepreneur
  • Antonella Giachetti – AIDDA deputy President
  • Antonietta Potente – Theologist
  • Andrea Segrè - Agronomist and economist, professor of international and comparative agricultural policy at the department of food science and technology, University of Bologna
  • Anna Maria TarantolaPresident of SMLH –Counselor of Bambin Gesù Hospital Foundation, Centesimus Annus, Cini Foundation Member  CS Poste Onlus
  • Vera Negri Zamagni | Professor ofEconomic History University of Bologna e Adjunct Professor of Economic History at SAIS Europe of John Hopkins University (seal of   Bologna)


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