Why Join

Joining AIDDA means feeling part of an organization that interacts with and actively stimulates the socio-economic and cultural fabric of civil society.

Joining AIDDA means finding support, training and sharing in dealing with the problems of the memebrs’ company and its place in the social fabric.

Joining AIDDA also means being able to count on an important series of national and international economic and social relations, distinguished by the ethical values ​​of AIDDA.

Participating in the associative life of AIDDA means making your qualities and experience available to other female entrepreneurs or managers and drawing on them in a climate of collaboration. Joining AIDDA means being able to enrich one's heritage with essential and irreplaceable human values ​​such as friendship and solidarity.

AIDDA is affiliated with FCEM., an international association - which includes Italy as one of the founders - that gathers over 400,000 associates in over 50 countries, on 5 continents; these numbers make it the largest network of women entrepreneurs and managers in the world. 


AIDDA can be joined by any adult woman in legal age of any nationality who carries out her work in Italy and possesses one of the following requirements:

  • She carries out her own business with particular relevance in the sectors of industry, commerce, agriculture, crafts or services;

  • She is an administrative shareholder in an S.n.c. or S.a.s. company equipped with structures of particular relevance;

  • She is a director with delegated powers or internal operational functions in joint stock companies with structures of particular importance;

  • She is a manager of a company or a public body, ex-article 2095 of the civil code.

Additional requirements:

  • She is a seniority of at least two years;

  • She owns a company of at least 3 permanent employees (excluding the agricultural sector), or a revenue of at least 500’000 euros.

For further information on how to become a member and on the regional branches of the Association, you can contact the AIDDA National Secretariat on 063230578 or by sending an e-mail to aidda@aidda.org.