AIDDA for W20

2021 is the year of the Italian presidency of the G20 and in the same year AIDDA is the Host Organization of the W20, a civil society interest group whose purpose is to develop policy proposals for the leaders of the G20 member countries on gender equality. AIDDA, in addition to being the Host Organization, it is a primary partner of the W20 because of the affiliation of its National President and because of the active participation in the working groups of the event of several AIDDA’s experts (Claudia Torlasco in the Cultural Change group, Sandra Miotto in the Labor group; Patrizia Schiarizza in the Violenza contro women), indeed AIDDA made available to the Italian Delegation itself its precious support and contribution in terms of ideas and experience of the female entrepreneurial and professional world.

AIDDA believes that today, during this long pandemic period, a proposal the Association itself promoted during the Expo2015 during an event concerning "The Role of the Female in defining a new Economic Model" has become urgent. The proposal arose from an analysis of the causes of the crisis in the economic system at that time. The analysis led to identify the possibility that women effectively became partners in decision-making processes as one of the key factors for building a new and different development system from the one experienced until then, a system capable of increasingly reducing inequalities, creating prosperity and equity in sustainability with respect to the resources of a planet whose deep and perfect natural regeneration cycles must be respected. 

Projects with universities for the training of young women

AIDDA periodically finances scholarships to support young women in their training projects.

UniCredit and AIDDA: a three-year partnership is underway to enhance and expand the role of female entrepreneurs

UniCredit and AIDDA (Association of entrepreneurs and women business executives) launch a three-year partnership that aims to contribute to the promotion of the economic and social role of female entrepreneurs. The agreement is part of the broader UniCredit4Women path, aimed at facilitating the dialogue and meeting between the banking world and the female universe thus testifying the commitment that the bank puts in place to enhance talent and opportunities for growth for women in the awareness of the importance and necessity of female contribution in the ongoing transformation of the economic system.

AIDDA and Unicredit - states the National President Antonella Giachetti - aim to start, for the next three years, a specific training and information program on the economic transformation initiated by the pandemic, that must take place coherently with the ecological transition and which requires the verification of each business model in the light of the change in lifestyles, the change in consumption models and in the light of the urgent need for environmental and social sustainability. AIDDA deems this program essential in the course of reducing the high risk of dissolution of micro and small enterprises, especially in the post-pandemic phase, and knowing that the modification of business models may appear today as a process of voluntary choice, but soon it will be the market, stakeholders and finance that will naturally select those that will not adapted to this new business model. Thanks to the synergistic training support of UNICREDIT, AIDDA intends to increase its contribution as reference subject towards the institutions, as a mentor, for the support of those women who approach entrepreneurial work, young graduates, to third parties and organizations.

UniCredit will support the Association through:

  • a training course, built in synergy with the UniCredit Banking Academy, which will make a dedicated edition of the Digital & Export Business School available to AIDDA entrepreneurs to explore trends, scenarios and tools for internationalization, with a focus on financial education contents to support the growth of the financial literacy of the entrepreneurs involved also in function of the strong changes taking place in the post-pandemic economic transition.

  • a second support program that through the offer of Social Impact Banking supports companies that can generate a positive social impact with concrete solutions, especially in this period of great economic difficulty.

  • a last program focused on Mentoring - WomenONboarding with a double interpretation: on the one hand, a special program will be created dedicated to the young members of AIDDA who, as mentee, will be able to acquire cutile tools to fully understand their strengths and their own inclinations and to be leaders and ambitious in the "planning" of their future, on the other hand the most experienced AIDDA associates will be involved who as mentors want to put their professionalism and entrepreneurship in favor of new generations of entrepreneurs.

Sector tables

  • Agriculture table - Alessandra Oddi Baglioni

  • Construction Table - Cristina Dallacasa

  • Industry table - Margherita Franzoni

  • Healthcare table - Tiziana Lazzari

  • Tourism table - Ornella Laneri

Projects with universities

AIDDA has perfected the following agreements with the academic world at national level:

  • Sant'Anna University School of  Studies and Specialization: a framework agreement of collaboration that allows the School to benefit from the experiential support of female entrepreneurs for young talents who approach the world of work, and for AIDDA to be supported by a scientific point of view in the initiatives and proposals that the Association itself will want to carry out as a contribution to the socio-economic system.

  • University for foreigners of Perugia: a protocol to launch common initiatives in the sectors of common reference through activities of promotion, dissemination and study of the expressions of Italian culture