About Us

Doing business for women

For over 60 years, AIDDA has been the reference point for women with leadership roles.

AIDDA is the first Italian association established with the specific objective of promoting and supporting female entrepreneurs, managers and professionals.

Founded in 1961 in Turin, it is the most authoritative reference point for women holding leadership roles in the Italian economic system, providing them with tools and services of excellence to grow, train and establish themselves as an added value both in the professional and the social context.

For over fifty years AIDDA - part of the global FCEM network - has been active in:

  • Promoting and strengthening the spirit of association among women in leadership positions;
  • Highlighting awareness of the ethical and cultural values of free enterprise and developing the economic, social and political role of female entrepreneurship;
  • Being an instrument of participation and action that encourages and supports a significant presence of women in decision-making roles within public and private authorities;
  • Working as a proactive partner with all relevant institutions at the provincial, regional, national, EU and international level, and using all available resources to promote activities that support the development of female entrepreneurship;
  • Promoting vocational training and social development of its members, besides the mission of the Association through the diffusion of information, the organisation of conferences, workshops, publications, refresher seminars for its members to encourage innovation for enterprises;
  • Promoting partnership initiatives with national and international associations that have a mission similar to AIDDA’s;
  • Implementing EU projects or programs at the regional, national and international level.