Monica Bonechi

Always passionately engaged in the publishing sector, she represents the third Bonechi generation at the helm of the Publishing House of the same name, which, among its historic Brands, includes BET Edizioni "Il Turismo" and Plurigraf. Responsible for numerous Casa Editrice Bonechi editorial projects, thanks to many years of experience in the managerial field, she also curates and promotes initiatives and products for European and extra-European markets, imposing the Bonechi Brand in the United States, throughout North America, in Asia, and today also in Saudi Arabia and Middle East. She have held prestigious roles in Confindustria Firenze, among other things as vice president of Small and Medium Industry for two terms.


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Casa Editrice Bonechi, since 1973 has published books, monographs and pocket guides dedicated to countries, regions and cities that are among the most important and appreciated tourist destinations in the world. The same publishing group also includes two other historic Italian brands: Bonechi Ediz...