UniCredit is a paneuropean banking group determined to keep strong roots in territories and a deep relationship with the communities where it operates, supporting them on multiple fronts. This is why UniCredit also supports relevant initiatives for the areas where it is present and decided to be AIDDA’s Main Sponsor.

A three-year cooperation to prove support towards female empowerment, promoted within the wider UniCredit4Women path, designed to facilitate dialogues and networking between the banking world and the female universe, thus demonstrating the bank's commitment to enhancing talent and growth opportunities for women.



UniCredit and gender equality


UniCredit is proud of its decade-long commitment to empower its highly diverse staff by creating a workplace with equal opportunities, where people of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds can contribute to decision-making.

UniCredit's diversity and inclusion targets were identified in 2009 through our stakeholders’ engagement; since then, our management has consistently prioritised and actively monitored them, as they are materially important to our business strategy.

In 2013, the bank's Global Policy for Gender Equality established a framework for creating a level playing field throughout the organisation as a way of generating higher value.

To reinforce our diversity and inclusion commitments, in 2018 we created the position of Group Diversity and Inclusion Manager, who works alongside our CEO and other top executives.

In addition, by signing the HM Treasury's Women in Finance Charter, the bank has committed to doubling the presence of women in senior management roles at Group level to 20% by 2022.


UniCredit for AIDDA

The Bank’s support to AIDDA belongs to the wider UniCredit4Women path, designed to facilitate dialogues and networking between the banking world and the female universe.


At UniCredit, we are fully committed to promoting and enhancing women talent and gender equality as strategic levers to start competitive, sustainable enterprises and thus supporting real economy.

This is because a more inclusive and equal society that values women's skills and expertise can generate more growth and prosperity for all.

Training and mentoring: UniCredit value path for AIDDA

Training and mentoring are a vital step of the growth path offered by UniCredit to support female entrepreneurship and grant competence acquisition.

Close to women and families

Social Impact Banking is UniCredit’s commitment to build a fairer and more inclusive society.

The aim is to detect, finance and support people and enterprises that can generate a positive social impact. In particular, we are now supporting female entrepreneurship and profit and non-profit enterprises that offer services to women and their families.

Training and Financial Education 

According to an OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development – survey, Italy ranks below the average of developed countries and in the penultimate place among the G20 countries for both knowledge and behavior in the economic-financial sphere.

That’s why UniCredit provides, through the Banking Academy, the Digital & Export Business School, a training course which, thanks to the intervention of qualified professionals (both internal and external), will deepen content on digital transformation, export and internationalization, financial education to support the competitiveness of the companies involved, supporting them in increasing their financial culture and understanding the evolutions and trends of the reference markets.


A mentoring path dedicated both to the young AIDDA associates as mentees to support them in acquiring useful tools to fully understand their strengths and inclinations and to be leaders and ambitious in the "planning" of their future, and to the associates AIDDA with greater experience who as mentors want to make their experience available to new generations.

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For the economic conditions of the aforementioned services, refer to the Bank's branches and consult the unicredit.it website.