Giuseppina Foti

Graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature with post-graduate specialization in Modern Philology and Language Teaching, always committed to empowering women and promoting lifelong education. She is a Managing Director of British School. She has been working for 36 years in the field of language teaching and learning. Together with her company she was a partner of the European project “Comparison of Certificate and Competence based Forms of Evaluation in Vocationally Oriented Language Learning” which defined the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages She is Vice President of UWE - University Women of Europe which is accredited to the Council of Europe. Former member of the Italian Equal Opportunities Committee of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. Member of the Regional Council for Women in the Education and Training Sector. Councilor of the FCEM - Association des Femme Chefs d'Entreprises Mondiales - responsible for the "EDUCATION" industry. She conceived and developed the Erasmus Plus Project "NETPOWER - Network for promotion of Women Empowerment Recognition" in partnership with the University Women of Europe, Suomen Akateemisten Naisten Liitto, Asociatia Femeilor Universitare, FCEM Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales to highlight the problem of gender gap in Europe and spread good practices aimed at tackling it. She is the President of Italian in Italy National Association of Schools of Italian Language and Culture. She is the President of IALCA - Italian Association of Language Consultants and Agents, which brings together the best study abroad agencies. She was a former National Councillor of AIDDA - Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Managers. She is the President of the Rotary Club of Roma Quirinale. Among the most significant awards she received the Standout Women Award at the Italian Parliament in 2019 for her constant commitment to serve women. She got also the IWEC - International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Foundation Award – for networking among international businesswomen. She was awarded a prize at Microsoft's Seattle headquarters on November 12, 2017.


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