Merlino Pubblicità
Name Merlino Pubblicità
Business name Merlino Pubblicità Srl
Founded in 1960
Sector Marketing and Advertising
Delegations Liguria
Address Regione San Bernardino - 12073 Ceva - (CN)
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Telephone 0174 722222
Fax 0174 700101
The history of Merlino Pubblicità s.r.l. it is the story of a family. Merlino Pubblicità s.r.l. it is in fact the natural evolution of an artisan company founded in 1960 by the will of Ionne Merlino. The business was founded in 1960 in Pianchiozzo, a hamlet in the municipality of Priola, in the Alta Val Tanaro. Continuing his path, Ionne, given the positive evolution of the company, decided in 1966 to build a new, larger laboratory in the nearby hamlet of Pievetta that would allow them to manage the new situation. Having established the success of the company in the sector, in 1975 it was necessary to build a new warehouse of 1500 square meters in the nearby town of Bagnasco and in 1979 Merlino Pubblicità was born. At this point, given the good results obtained both in Piedmont and Liguria, we decide to proceed with the mail order sale throughout Italy under the name of Promova: our first catalog dates back to 1980. This new tool allows us to make our reality known in many Italian companies and to increase production beyond our expectations. In 1990 Ionne's sons Patrizia and Giorgio also joined the company. In 2000 Merlino Pubblicità was transformed into SRL and settled in the new 5000 square meter warehouse in Ceva and following the needs of the market in 2003 we obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 certification. In 2020 we obtained the ISO14001: 2015 environmental certification Since its inception, our company has been attentive to evolutions in printing methods and technologies and always following the markets our main suppliers are mostly foreign, in particular China, Taiwan, Eastern countries which guarantee an excellent quality ratio. /price.