Margherita Albani

- practicing as a lawyer since 1991, becoming a Cassationist in 2005; - specialization in Civil Law at the University of Camerino; - collaborations on a contract with various Italian Universities in the civil law field. - deals with private, civil, administrative, commercial and corporate law; - legal consultant of many Municipalities, Institutions and in particular the Centro Studi of the Senate of the Italian Republic and then as head of the Legislative Office of a Parliamentary Group, as well as of the Regional Commission of Crafts of Marche (CRA ); - the Council of the Bar Association of Ancona officially approved her appointment as "European lawyer" which allows her to carry out the legal profession in all countries belonging to the European Community; - founded his own law firm in Prague in 2016 where she carries out her professional activity as a lawyer registered with the Prague Bar Association and also offers her advice to the Italian Embassy; - offers her legal advice to major companies that work both in Italy and abroad, in the international law context.


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Studio Legale Albani

Realtà di spicco nel panorama anconetano e regionale, svolge attività a livello nazionale ed internazionale, nel campo del diritto civile, giuslavoristico, amministrativo, commerciale e societario. Dal 2016 ha aperto la seconda sede a Praga (CZ) dove si occupa di diritto internazionale, di famiglia,...